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The gym will be opened from Mon-Sat from 5:00 am – 10: 00pm (Sunday closed)

All members should wear appropriate apparel and footwear to comply with the requirements of gymnasium otherwise the access to use of such facilities will be refused

Every member is requested to mark the attendance on biometric machine.

Outsiders are strictly prohibited in gym area. Smoking is prohibited in gym

Outside eatables and drinks are not allowed (except water) Please mute your phones while you are in gym.

Please handle the equipments with care. Users are responsible for any damages to the facilities equipment

Gym management will be not responsible for the theft or loss of their belongings brought by them in gym by users

Facilities of lockers is on first came, first serve basis. Personal lockers are paid lockers @.500 per month.

The gym management reserves the right to amend these rules and regulation without prior notice.